Local Links

Moving to Columbus WI? We’ve gathered up contact info for many of our city’s local businesses to help make your move smoother (we know if you are moving you probably need more than just a mini-storage / mini warehouse unit). These links will open a new window or tab in your browser. Close the new window to return to our web site.

Starritt-Meister Realty

805 W. James St.
Columbus, WI 53925
Email Starritt-Meister Realty

Rose Legacy Real Estate L.L.C

431 W Fountain St. Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: (920) 210-2121

First Weber

Phone: (608)445-3995
Email First Weber

Dare To Dream Team

115 S Ludington St
Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: (920) 623-5100


1376 County Truck Hwy V
Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: (920) 623-0287

Wise Guy's Auto Repair

234 N Water St
Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: (920)623-9905

City Hall

105 N. Dickason Blvd
Columbus, WI 53925

Boarders Inn & Suites

219 Industrial Drive
Columbus, WI 53925
Phone: (920)623-8800
Email Boarders Inn & Suites